Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yarn User's Dictionary

Here is my personal dictionary of new slang words (to be edited as needed):

stash: the "collection" of yarn kept by someone that knits, crochets, or uses yarn for some other purpose.

frog/frogging: to pull out your stitches when knitting or doing crochet work.

UFO: Un-Finished Object. Refers to a project that isn't finished and isn't being worked on.

FO: Finished Object. Refers to a project that has been completed.

Amigurumi: (from Wikipedia) the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. (added 2/17/08)

WIP: Work In Progress. A project that you are currently working on. Some people set limits for themselves, such as: "It's only a WIP if I have worked on it in the last 30 days. Otherwise it is a UFO." (added 3/21/08)

***Urban dictionary: I added the definition for "stash" and "frog" to Urban Dictionary. UFO was already in there. :)

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