Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Goals and Resolutions

I learned to crochet a couple years ago (Christmas of 2005). My mom taught me. Recently, I've been crocheting a lot and I realised that my crocheting projects are going the same route as all my other craft projects: I start a project, then set it aside and start a new one.

Enter Resolution #1: finish your projects!

That's easier said than done, so I've started this blog in hopes that it helps me see what I've got going and encourages me to finish what is started. How else can I expect to get that feeling of accomplishment? :)

I then started thinking about past projects and found that it was getting hard to remember them all. So, I want to start taking pictures of my completed projects and post them on my website. But I don't have time to update my website as often as I plan to finish projects, so I started this blog to help with:

Resolution #2: keep track of what you've finished!


Resolution #3: keep photo records of the progress made on current projects!

I figure Resolution #3 will help keep me motivated to finish something. Seeing a project grow in the weekly pictures should help. When the project is in your lap and it seems like you've been doing the same set of stitches for an eternity, it's difficult to see how much you are accomplishing. Hopefully the weekly photos will help me see my progress and keep me excited about each project.

Soon I will post pics of my past projects.

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