Sunday, February 17, 2008

FO: Cat Mat

Two years ago this past New Years Eve, I started crocheting an afghan without a pattern. I started with a granny square, and then started adding to the outer edge of the granny square with different stitches I found on the internet. I learned treble stitches, cross-stitches, etc.

Mid-January, I put the project aside and never went back to it. Yesterday, I tied off the end and gave it to Brian's girl-cat. She seemed to like Tyler's Baby Blanket so much, I figured she would like a blanket of her own. When I came out to the living room this morning, she was sleeping on top of it. :)

When I went out to take the picture of her, she was more in the mood for playing. So, I had to recruit Brian into helping me keep her on the mat long enough to snap the photo.

You can see how curly it is all around the edges. I think I was adding too many stitches in the corners. It was definitely a project that had to be ended. It couldn't become the blanket I had envisioned and it couldn't be frogged with all those tied off ends. I'm glad I found someone to appreciate it. :)

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