Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Project: Scallop Scarf

The scallop scarf is underway! :)

After practicing a bit on my UFO scarf, I realised that I was casting on too tightly and then knitting far too tightly, as well. So, I took a deep breath. Relaxed a bit. And started again.

It's coming along decently. There are bunch of mistakes: I missed a row of knit, I keep ending up with one too many stitches on my needle, and I can't imagine that my stitches are even. I'm hoping that the scarf will be a testimony to the improvement of my knitting. One end a mess, and one end gorgeous and a slow transition through the rest of the piece.

Oh! and I love the color of the yarn I'm using for it. It's mostly blue with specs of green, pink, purple, and a darker blue through it. It's beautiful. However, it's Lion's Brand (Wool-Ease) and the plys are hard to keep together. This is the second time I've tried using Lion's Brand for something and I can't say I'm impressed.

EDIT: One last thing.
I started being able to read my stitches while they are on the needle. I can tell the difference between the regular stitches and the YOK1 stitches. I think I could tell a K2tog stitch, too, but I'm not certain.

However, after the stitches aren't on the needle any more, I can't tell what they are. Aw, well. Baby-steps. :)

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