Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FO: Wrist Warmers

I finished a pair of wrist warmers:

I started these on Saturday, February 9th and finished them Monday evening. I used this pattern: Fingerless Mittens. However, I changed row 8 to be:
Row 8: Hdc in BLO first 20 hdc of row 7 , chain 5, skip 5 hdc and hdc in BLO of remaining 9 hdc of row 7. Chain 2 turn.
I made this change because I plan to wear these when I'm at the computer and I didn't want them to cover my fingers at all. The yarn I used was very fluffy, so it was tricky to crochet them with G-sized hook: I had to guess where my stitches were. But they came out great and I'm really happy with them.

They stretched a bit more than I was expecting them to, but that's no fault of the pattern.

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