Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm an avid podcast listener. I started by listening to Rachel Maddow and then included NPR. Lately, I've started listening to podcasts about yarn, knitting, and yarn projects. I started with YarnCraft (the Lion Brand podcast) because it was the first one I had heard about.

In one of their episodes, they talked about related podcasts that their listeners had mentioned during a poll they had done. So, that led me to downloading about half a dozen shows.

Yesterday, I listened to the first show or two of each of these while I drove to school, walked to class, and sat around waiting for a class to start. My favorite so far: Stash and Burn.

Stash and Burn is almost a support group for dealing with your stash. It's two woman talking about trips to yarn shows, "yarn crawls" (like a pub-crawl but to yarn shops), the projects they are working on, their UFOs, their destashing efforts, etc. They are very amusing to listen to.

Another I liked was Lime and Violet, but it didn't seem as good as I'd been led to believe it would be. Maybe because it was the first episode. Perhaps it gets better as they get more practice podcasting.

There was another that annoyed me while I was listening, but I've come away with some interesting images in my head. So, I'll have to listen to that one a few more times. What was annoying was that the woman that did most of the speaking had an annoying voice and sounded like a pushy sort of over-friendly type person. While the quiet woman had a voice I could listen to for weeks and not get tired of hearing it.

I'll do an update to my podcast preferences after I've had more time to listen to them.

One thing I've found is that there is brand new slang to learn! Which is exciting for me because I'm such a word lover. My next post will be a dictionary.

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