Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mouth on the octopus?

The pattern for the octopus says to sew a mouth on. But the mouth of an octopus is at the apex of it's tentacles. So, I'm thinking I'll leave it as it is.

Anyone have an opinion? Please post in the comments. :)


Christopher said...

Realistically, yes, the mouth (a beak) would be apex of the tentacles. But no one would see that unless they turned it upside down, plus it would look weird. Aesthetically, the mouth would look nicer if it was under the eyes, but, well, it's incorrect. And, animal cruelty...if you leave it as is, the poor thing starves to death. For shame.

Someeone please think of the octopi.

Blamdarot said...

haha. :)

The way the bottom looks can be described as an "orifice". I think that can suffice as a mouth.

Thanks for the comment! I lurves the comments.

Anonymous said...
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