Friday, February 29, 2008

Scallop Scarf Update

It's been a while since I posted! :(

The scarf is about 25 - 30 inches long now. 25 if I don't play with it. 30+ if I tugged it a bit.

I've decided that I'm going to keep it. I can't see giving it away since it's the first project that I've worked on without handing the needles to my mom when I made a mistake. Pulling it out and reworking it hasn't been fun, but I've certainly learned a lot from it.

I plan to make another scarf after this one is finished. I have some purple yarn (the stuff I used for my wrist warmers) that I want to knit with. So, I'm going to make a scarf for Brian's cousin. She loves purple and looks gorgeous in it. Me, not so much.

I have a pattern all picked out. I found it on The project is in my queue already. I can't wait. :)

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