Friday, March 21, 2008

FO: dishcloth for us

This square was meant to be part of a bathmat to go with the dishcloth set. However, I ran out of yarn and the last two rows are in a different dye lot. So, this can't be a gift.

When I was working on the gift dishcloths, Brian said something like: "Do we get to keep this one?"

So, he gets to keep this one. :)

I've taken to calling it the "Three Errors Dishcloth". Error 1: yarn ran out halfway through the last row. Error 2: the last few rows are made with a different dye lot. Error 3: it's made with three pieces of yarn and the knots I put in look terrible.


Christopher said...

It only looks like a One Error Dishcloth to me, I can't really see the knots, or the changes in the coloring of the dye. Course, the fact that there's that little bit missing would kinda get to me, but I'm weird like that.

Blamdarot said...

Thanks, Chris. :)

It would get to me too if I had to look at. But I intend to use it. And I doubt I'll notice it (much) when it's wet and soapy.

At least... I hope I don't notice it...