Friday, March 7, 2008

Sip or Stitch is a go! :)

I went up to Coffee Bean last night to ask about having the SoS gatherings there. They are totally cool with it and very welcoming.

They were rather busy last night (a Thursday), so I asked if Tuesdays were slower. The barista said that Tuesdays were slower nights than Thursdays. I take that to imply that it will be less crowded on Tuesdays, so I'm going to go up on Tuesday with my sign and my "cards" and see what happens.

I'm also going to announce my gathering on and maybe create a yahoo group (if I can figure that thing out).

Yahoo Group created!
Group home page:
Group email:


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to make it to this gathering (heard about it originally on Ravelry). I am already a part of the Long Beach SnB group but think it'd be fun to join another group.

Let's just hope I don't get lost!

Blamdarot said...

Awesome! I'm looking forward to meeting you.

I have midterm exams this week, so forgive me if I'm reading a textbook when you arrive.