Sunday, March 16, 2008

WIPs, WIPs, everywhere!

After yesterday's post, I reached my homework goal for the day about 8 hours ahead of time. So, I stopping working for the day and crocheted instead.

I worked on the stroller blanket and I started a capelet.

The capelet is out of black Bernat Boa (fun fur!). It's really hard to put the stitches into the right places, so I'm cheating a bit. When crocheting into the chain, I only caught one loop. When crocheting into stitches, I put the stitch into the hole between the stitches. It's impossible to distinguish where the correct place is.

I need to look for an errata for that pattern. I found what I think is an error in row 3. It says to double-crochet in next stitch, but I think it should be "first" stitch.

Anyway, I'm going off to game today. I'll be bringing the stroller blanket. The last time I gamed and crocheted I got a lot done.

I'll try to get pictures of all this up soon.

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