Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update! :)

Wow! It's been a long time since I've updated. Brian and I got engaged recently, so between school and wedding stuff I've hardly had time to do any yarn work.

I finished the set of dishcloths/washcloths and the bathmat for John and Jennie. To give it to them, we rolled up the items and put them in a basket. Around each item, like a napkin ring almost, we printed out labels. The labels said things like: 1388 wishes for a happy marriage. The number indicated the number of stitches involved in that item. The card said something like: each stitch contains our love and a wish for your future.

Sadly, I forgot to get a picture of the basket (or the items) before we gave it to them.

This weekend I felt a bit under the weather, so I spent most of it on the couch knitting (even though I didn't have the time to do that).

I have made much progress on the knitted scarf for Heather. It will definitely be done in time for her birthday. Though I may wait for Christmas anyway since she won't have any need for a scarf in Southern California in July.

The scarf ended up being 2x2 ribbing with 32 stitches per row. This way, every row is the same. It was too hard to determine which row I should do. The boucle yarn makes it so hard to see the stitches.

I started my first knitted hat. It involves two colors; I've never knitted with two colors before. And it involves short rows; something else I've never done. It's coming along very well.

Since it's an educational piece, I pulled out the worst yarn from my stash: RedHeart. It squeaks as I use it. Ick! The colors are nice though. A cherry red and a heathered gray. I didn't have the right sized needles (9), so I'm making it on 8s. If it doesn't fit, I won't care. I probably should have used 10s, but Heather's scarf is using my size 10 needles.

Sip or Stitch is meeting tonight. The week before last, we had seven people. Last week we only had 4.

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